Rotomolding Conversions

Converting a Product to Rotomolding

Rotomolding conversions are a frequent endeavor performed by leading rotational molding companies. Numerous processes and materials are often selected by company leaders and directors to take the necessary steps to have these products or processes converted to the rotomolding process.

Materials are one of the most common reasons that rotomolding conversions take place. Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, even Aluminum and are frequent candidates for material conversions to the rotational molding process. Rotational Molding materials can provide durability and performance benefits to a wide variety of products and components. A growing number of fiberglass products are being converted to a rotomolded polymer based product due to a number of limitations inherent to FRP materials and the fiberglass product creation process. Manufacturing volumes and capabilities are another often cited reason for making the transition to a rotationally molded product as the rotomolding process is more efficient than spraying Fiberglass.

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Large product conversion from Fiberglass to Rotomolded Polyethylene

Rotational Molding conversions due to market or industry response

Many OEMs and other companies will test their respective markets with a product to gauge consumer interest and response prior to making capital investments in molds and tooling in effort to gain market research. Sometimes these products are fabricated steel or aluminum products, possibly sprayed or layed up fiberglass parts, sometimes even 3D printed production items. While it is understood that these methods are not the optimum means of production, it allows a company to gauge interest and calculate the return on investment. If the market and consumers respond in a positive or particular fashion, the company will then elect to spend the capital on the necessary tooling or molds for rotational molding.

Using Rotomolding for market research

Rotomolding can also be used as the process to gauge market interest or conduct marketing research. On occasion, a company will tool up a product or component for rotational molding to conduct the market research prior to making extremely large investments in tooling for processes such as injection molding or blow molding, as it is common for the necessary molds or tooling for these processes to be exponentially higher than rotomolding. This allows a company or an OEM to make smaller capital investments in the molds for rotomolding prior to the capital expenditures for more expensive plastics molding processes.

Rotomolding conversions for product/feature improvement

Once a company or engineering staff become acclimated to the rotational molding process, often they will find other products or components that could have improved features or benefits by converting to the rotomolding process. The conversion to rotomolding could be based on any number of potential features that could be gained by a conversion to rotational molding such as increased durability, ability to withstand exposure to enviromental elements, chemical resistance, reduction in manufacturing costs, increased production ability, benefits in polymer based materials, reduced product maintenance costs and so much more.

Convert Product to Rotomolding, Rotomolding Product Conversions, Tornado Shelter Conversions, Storm Shelter Conversions
On the left you see an underground fiberglass tornado shelter, developed in the 60's or 70's; On the right you see the product conversion to rotomolding. Rotomolding produces underground products that are significantly more durable than fiberglass, as the polymer based materials will not be susceptible to moisture. The rotomolded underground tornado shelters provide enhanced features while offering an expopnentially more durable, longer life span and drastically reduced maintenance in comparison to the fiberglass counterparts.

Convert to Rotomolding for Enviromental Impact Reduction

Across the globe many OEMs and companies are looking to make a foregoing conscious effort to reduce waste and carbon footprints. Wooden pallets are a staple of many industrial and manufacturing operations. Many wooden pallets become damaged or unusable after just 1 or a few uses, leaving them to ruin, eventually finding their way to a landfill or dump. Companies and OEMs alike across the globe have found substantial benefits in converting disposable products such as wooden pallets and cardboard gaylord boxes into durable, re-usable rotomolded products, such as plastic pallets and bulk storage containers, in effort to reduce enviromental impact. Many find that not only does this conversion benefit the corporate enviromental intiatives it generally can have a beneficial impact on reducing operating and production costs.

Rotomolding Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Convert Wood Pallets to Plastic Pallets, Rotational Molding Plastic Pallets
Environmentally conscious companies and OEMS will often convert disposable products like wooden pallets to a durable, re-usable Plastic Pallet. While this is an enviromentally conscious decision, it often positively impacts the bottom line of operating costs.

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