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Tooling or molds are necessary for any plastics molding process, but the tooling for rotomolding is typically less of an upfront capital expenditure in comparison to most other plastics molding processes. Once a rotomolding design for a product is completed, the process of turning that design into a mold that can produce parts via the rotomolding process begins. Molds are often made from steel or aluminum and either fabricated or cast. Fabricating molds for rotational molding is a specialty that will need to be handled by those familiar with the industry and rotomolding design. A number of specifics need to be worked out prior to the start of the tooling, including how the part is removed from the mold, shrinkage factors and more. The quality of the tooling manufactured will have a direct correlation on the quality of the parts and components being produced so the experience, accuracy and knowledge of the team building your tooling for rotomolding should be evaluated.

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Rotomolded products can be used in a limitless capacity. A growing trend in manufacturing is to convert products made of less durable materials into polyethylene through switching to rotational molding manufacturing. Shipping pallets, agricultural tanks, drainage piping, laundry carts, department of defense items, air cargo containers, burial urns and cemetery products and even tornado shelters are some examples of rotomolded conversions.

Fiberglass to PE Conversion, Rotomolding Conversion, Rotational Molding Conversion
Example of fiberglass to polyethylene conversion for Rotomolding.

Polyethylene and rotational molding can also be used to prolong the life of parts made from other materials. Lining metal tanks or parts with polyethylene to extend the lifespan of the metal is also a growing trend. Polyethylene can be coated on the inside of a part through rotomolding adding durability and chemical resistance to an otherwise limited material.

Rotational molding is a process that extends to many industries and applies to parts both large and small. The ability to manufacture parts in either large or small quantities makes this process suitable for companies of all sizes.

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An experienced rotomolding company or rotational molding expert can walk a new customer through the process from design idea, necessary design changes, mold fabrication and manufacturing. The ideal situation is to have all of these elements under one roof.

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