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The rotational molding process is a stress free method of manufacturing plastic parts that yields incredibly durable and long lasting products.
Granger Plastics Company is an industry leader and authority in rotomolding.

Rotomolding Process, Definition of Rotomolding Rotomolding

Rotomolding Process

Detailed Process Explanation

Head over to increase knowledge of the plastics rotomolding process and understand the specifics including materials, design, heating, cooling and more!

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Rotomolding Design, Rotmolded Tank Design Design

Design for Rotomolding

Design Criteria and Tips

Learn some of the nuances, details and design criteria for the design of a rotomolded product. Be better prepared for your next Rotational Molding project!

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Products of Rotomolding Products

Rotomolded Products

Products of the Rotomolding Process

From Aerospace to Waste Management and virtually everything in between! See how Rotomolding provides product solutions for a wide variety of industry!

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Rotomolding, Rotomoulding, Rotational Molding Plant, Rotomolding Facility

Solutions Beyond Expectations

Internationally recognized rotational molding leader providing world-class solutions to a wide variety of industry.

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Rotomolding Testimonials

See what customers in various industries are saying about a rotomolding leader, Granger Plastics Company!

“We are pleased to advise that the new PolyCone produced by Granger Plastics Company is performing well in the field: Better impact resistance, better scuff resistance and lower cost. When a PolyCone is dented in the field, we just push it back into its original shape and send our enclosed car hauling equipment back on the road. Damage to fiberglass has always required bodywork to repair. We are pleased with the results of our material conversion project with GPC (Granger Plastics Company). ”

Jim P.

Director of Maintenance

“ During the deadly Alabama tornadoes on April 27, 2011, we suffered some damage but considered ourselves blessed. Following that experience, the decision was evident that we would purchase a tornado shelter, in hopes of never having to use it but knowing there was a strong possibility this could happen again. I immediately began searching the internet looking for options available. Deciding on an in-ground shelter, we traveled to several cities in North Alabama to look at the actual units. Our decision to purchase the Granger ISS was a "no-brainer". The Granger ISS was by far the best unit we found. As compared to other in-ground shelters, the Granger ISS deserves a "five-star-rating". The door feature is very impressive and far exceeds any other on the market with regard to structure, safety and durability. Overall the unit provides easy entry/access, is incredibly durable, easily installed and very affordable. It provides peace of mind which carries no price tag. The people at Granger were exceptional to work with and fulfilled every promise they made.

Doris C.

Home Owner- Arab, Alabama

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; uprightous.
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These two words Integrity and Epitome describe Jim Cravens. I would recommend this company with the highest regards for customer satisfaction. It’s not often you meet a person who holds his products with such high standards. .... Mr. Cravens went over and beyond the call of duty.... Mr. Cravens took care of the problem he did not cause. I am satisfied and appreciative to Mr. Cravens. I am a senior citizen and I had no clue what to do. Can you imagine how surprised I was to meet such a person? Mr. Cravens, Integrity and Epitome of a business reputation. May God Bless him and his business.”

Rosalyn N.

Home Owner- Dayton, Ohio

Complete Rotomolding Solutions

Providing complete rotational molding solutions. Rotomolding Design, Mold Fabrication, Secondary Trim & Assembly, Packaging, Drop shipping and more!

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Custom Rotomolding Services

Custom Rotomolding solutions provided to a wide variety of industry leaders! From Aerospace to Waste Management! Custom Rotational Molding solutions for virtually any industry!

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Molds for Rotomolding, Rotomolding Molds

In-House Mold & Metals Shop

Offering industry leading in-house fabricated molds for rotomolding! Metal fabrications, weldments and assemblies. In-house mold repairs & maintenance, keeping molds producing quality product when you need it!

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Rotomolding Assembly, Rotomolding Trim, Rotomolding Packaging, Rotomolding Drop shipping

Secondary Assembly & Packaging

Complete one stop rotomolding source! Secondary services including trimming, assembly, graphics, spin welding, packaging and even drop shipping to your customers! Complete Rotomolding Solutions!

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Rotomolding Details

We've taken each step of the Rotomolding project process and broke each element down into their own sections. Learn more about Rotational Molding and the steps for a successful project!

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